Kacper Potyrała

kiri.dev linkedin.com/in/kiri twitter.com/kapotyrala github.com/SerekKiri


I'm mainly focused on Web development, playing with hardware and low level technologies in a free time. Building Web apps, Desktop apps and Web apis is nothing new to me.

My Open Source work can be found on Github. Mostly you are able find small projects but currently I'm focusing on Astro.

Web Technologies

React • Next • Astro • Vue • Nuxt

Backend Technologies

Node • Rust • Golang


Blazity, Software Engineer

React, Next

- Present

At Blazity we are a group of Next.js experts helping companies to migrate, refactor and improve their product for better scalability, user retention, performance and increased earnings. Personally I have worked on a shopify scale product migration to newest stack (React 18 and Next 13) alongside architecture refactor while in the meantime I happend to join for a few weeks a Boston based product team which was also migrating to Next 13 including moving from pages to app directory which we successfully finished. Currently working with a startup on some cool improvements to their platform. In free time expanding open source portfolio of the company and helping with Developer relations.

SpaceTeam AGH, Software & Mechanics

Astro, Rust, Node


I was responsible for Software when it comes to computers for our device, api which they were connecting to and an app to controll them. From mechanical point of view I was helping with everything I could. Tasks like testing newly designed gears or screwing screws into angle coupling on our unstable ladder to keep the structure of the TOLRECON machine aligned were on daily basis.

Unikie, Software Engineer

React, Next


As a developer I was a part of a team outsourced to the HP R&D department to work on their new product, building it basically from scratch.

Digital Colliers, Software Engineer

Vue, Nuxt, Nest


As a developer I was part of the biggest team in the company which was focused on building a SaaS solution for the online lottery industry. I was also responsbile for delivering multiple performance fixes and overall improvements in developer experience from implementing Turborepo in it's early days to replacing microservices with proper solution for that project. Multiple things were later on implemented in different projects across the company based on my experiences.

Asasak, Software Engineer

Vue, Nuxt, Node


I joined Asasak as a developer to build the startup from a groundup. As a single developer I was responsible for delivering web and desktop apps alongside backend, while also managing all of the infrastructure.

Queris, Software Engineer Internship


I was lucky enough to get an opportunity of an internship. I was responsible for building first components in Angular of their software previously written in C#.